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Practice Exam 4


The following is a Practice Exam for you to improve your knowledge about the Driving Laws in New Jersey. Even though it is a very useful tool to help you prepare the written exam at Motor Vehicle, however, it is not a substitute for reading the current New Jersey Driver Manual. Please make sure you read New Jersey Driver Manual in addition to this Practice Exam to ensure complete success.

The correct answer should be with green color.

English Test Practice 4:
1. What is the distance your high beam headlights will allow you to see ahead?
    243 feet
    350 feet
    500 feet
    268 feet

2. How can you tell if you are having brake trouble?

    One wheel pulls to the right
    Leak in the brake fluid
    One wheels pulls to the left
    The car pulls to the left or the right

3. A warning sign is what shape?


4. How close to a railroad crossing are you permitted to park?

    25 feet
    15 feet
    10 feet
    at least 50 feet 

5. The order of colors on a traffic light hung top to bottom:

    red, green yellow
    red, yellow, green
    yellow, green, red
    green, yellow, green

6. Yielding the right of way means:

    always stopping at YIELD signs
    letting others go first
    others will not stop for you
    traffic signs stop traffic for you

7. If you are in an accident where there is personal injury and you are on the revoked list, you will receive a jail term of:

    30 days
    60 days
    45 days
    90 days

8. The law allows you to turn right after stopping and yielding to all traffic and pedestrians at a red light unless:

    There is a flashing red light
    There is a sign "no turn on red"
    There is a stop sign
    There is a red arrow pointing right

9. The implied consent law means:

    Driver agrees to take the breath test
    Driver is of legal age
    Driver agrees to cooperate
    It means nothing

10. If the entrance ramp enters the expressway from the left, you should realize a greater potential for conflict because      you will be entering

    after coming to a complete stop
    the slowest lane on the expressway
    from the right
    a higher speed traffic lance

11. What is the distance your low beam headlights will allow you to see ahead?

    243 feet
    350 feet
    500 feet
    900 feet

12. The ACC (accessory) Switch is used for:

    Starting the motor without a key
    So you can turn on the emergency 4 way flashing lights
    Allowing the flow of electric current without the engine running
    To use the cigarette lighter

13. In order to drive in NJ, your car must be insured for:

    Fire damages

14. Leaving scene of accident (property damage) may cost you how many points against your driver's license?:


15. When a school bus has stopped in front of a school you may pass at a speed of no more than?

    5 mph
    25 mph
    30 mph
    10 mph

16. If you run off the pavement, the first thing you should do is:

    Apply your brakes hard
    Slow down and turn back onto the pavement slowly
    Stop quickly
    Turn back on quickly

17. A safe driver is responsible for:

    himself or herself only
    passengers and self only
    other roadway users only
    passengers, other roadway users, and self

18.  A driver who refuses to take an alcohol test might lose his or her license under which law?

    highway protection act
    financial responsibility
    implied consent
    provisional license

19. A driver should signal at least how far before his intended turn?

    100 feet
    1,000 feet
    50 feet
    60 yards

20. When turning, your last check is::

    over your right shoulder
    behind you
    in the direction of your intended path of travel
    for a controlled zone

21. Hydroplaning is most likely to occur:

    In snow
    In fog
    During nighttime hours
    In a heavy rainstorm

22. Child restraint seats must be used:

    in conjunction with an air bag
    only when driving more than two miles away
    in the front passenger seat
    in the back seat

23. When it is raining during the daylight hours, how should you adjust your driving?

    Drive on the far right side of the road
    Use the brake more often
    Drive below the posted speed limit
    Any of the above

24. A turnabout maneuver is risky because:

    there is no signal for a turnabout
    you cross or back into one or more lanes of traffic
    it must be made at an intersection
    other drivers might not yield to you

25. What is the term for drowsiness due to monotonous and continuous driving?

    Visual fatigue
    Highway hypnosis
    none of the above

26. If the brake-warning light comes on as you are driving, you should:

    slow down and drive the vehicle home
    have the brake system inspected immediately and repaired as needed
    shut off the warning light
    ignore it the first time it happens

27. If you commit a moving violation in another state, will it become part of your New jersey driver record?

    Not sure
    Yes, under the Interstate Compacts

28. When leaving a parallel parking space, you:

    have the right of way
    can choose to yield to all traffic
    should expect traffic to yield to you
    must yield to all approaching traffic

29. Speeding 1 to 14 mph above legal limit may cost you how many points against your driver's license?


30. Alcohol is a


31. The purpose of a rumble strip is to:

    wake up drivers who are falling asleep
    alert you through the noise your tires make when driving over them
    warn you that you are driving too close to the roadway edge
    2nd and 3rd above are correct

32. The best way to take a curve is to:

    Slow down before entering the curve
    Take the curve at the same speed
    Stop, then proceed with caution
    Speed up before entering the curve

33.  If a tire is under inflated, the only part that grips the road well is the:

    center of the tire tread
    outside edges of the tire tread
    tire cords
    wear bar

34. If you are Special Learners Permit drivers:

    may not drive between 11:01 pm and 5:00 am
    may not use cell phones or other handheld electronic devices
    may only have passengers from their household, plus 1 additional person
    all of the above

35. The first conviction penalty for under 21 years old driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is:

    $300 to $500 and possible imprisonment for 30 days and loss of license for 7 months to 1 year
    $1,000 annual surcharge for three years
    12 to 48 hours in an IDRC
    all of the above

36. If somebody leaves your home drunk and has an accident, you could?

    Go and try to rescue them
    Call 911
    Be involved in a law suit
    Do nothing about it

37. If a student fails the written test the first time, how long must he wait before he can take it again?

    5 days
    7 days
    At least two weeks
    30 days

38. If you come to a 4-way Stop at the same time as another driver, you must:

    yield to driver on left
    yield to the driver on the right
    yield to oncoming cars
    yield to passing cars.

39. If a passenger in the front seat (over 18 years old) is caught not wearing a seat belt, who is held responsible?:

    the driver
    passenger and the driver
    passenger only
    all of the above

40. If you are driving and uninsured vehicle you are subject to this fine:

    $100 and jail term
    $500 with law suit
    $300, a term of community service determined by the court, and a one year license suspension

41. If a passenger in the front seat of a car, who is 17 years old, is caught not wearing a seat belt, who is held responsible?

    passenger and the driver
    the driver only
    the passenger only
    both of them

42. The penalty for driving after your license has been suspended due to an alcohol or drug conviction is:

    $500 fine, and/or 10 to 90-day jail sentence, and/or an additional loss of license for 1 to 2 years
    $200 to $1,000 and imprisonment for 45 days
    $500 and/or imprisonment up to one year
    Loss of license indefinitely

43. Emotions can have a great effect on your driving, if you are angry or excited you should:

    give yourself time to cool off
    blow your horn to warn other drivers
    drive with your radio on
    none of the above

44. How far must a driver park from a fire station entrance on the street opposite?

    50 feet
    75 feet
    25 feet
    20 feet

45. If you are arrested for drunk driving in New Jersey your chances of being convicted are: 

    more than 95%

46. You cannot park:

    in front of a fire hydrant
    in a bus stop
    in front of a driveway
    all of the above

47. Getting a drivers license illegally may result in a:

    a fine of $25 to $100
    imprisonment of 6 months
    a court trial
    a fine of $200 to $500 and /or imprisonment form 30 to 90 days

48. Laws of New Jersey require you to keep to the right except::

    when impractical to travel on that side of the roadway
    when passing
    when on a one-way street
    all of the above

49. After you drive through a deep puddle of water:

    Pump your brakes to test them
    Race your engine to dry it out
    Apply your brakes hard to test them
    Speed up to dry your tires

50. What must you do at a railroad crossing?

    Stop only when you see the train
    Look both ways
    Slow to 5 mph
    Slow down if lights are flashing
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