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Practice Exam 5


The following is a Practice Exam for you to improve your knowledge about the Driving Laws in New Jersey. Even though it is a very useful tool to help you prepare the written exam at Motor Vehicle, however,it is not a substitute for reading the current New Jersey Driver Manual. Please make sure you read New Jersey Driver Manual in addition to this Practice Exam to ensure complete success.

The correct answer should be with green color. English Test Practice 5: 1.To get a Basic Driver License your teen must:
    be at least 17 years old
    be at least 16 years old
    be at least 21 years old
    be at least 18 years old

2. The motor vehicle registration shall be renewed:

    every a six months
    every year
    every three years
    every month

3. If a driver receives a "proposed license suspension", which of the following choices would he have?

    Attend a N.J. Driver Improvement Program
    Ask for a hearing with the Division of Motor Vehicles
    Turn in your license for the suspension period
    All of the above

4. How can you tell the direction of a skid?

    By the position of the rear of the vehicle
    By the position of the front of the vehicle
    By the direction the front wheels are facing
    By the direction the rear wheels are facing

5. If your license is stolen:

    forget it
    notify police
    get a new license
    notify Motor Vehicle

6.  To regain control while in a skid, you should:

    turn in the opposite direction the back of the car is skidding
    keep a tight grip on the steering wheel
    turn in the direction the rear of your car is skidding
    make a fast turn in the direction of the skid and lock the brakes

7. In order to steer the car while moving backward, you should turn:

    The steering wheel in the direction opposite the way you want the rear of the car to go
    The steering wheel in the direction you want the rear of the car to go
    The steering wheel clockwise for the rear of the car to go to the left
    The steering wheel in the direction you want the front of the car to go

8. When you got a new license plate, what must you do with the old one?

    throw it away
    sell it
    give it to your friend
    turn in to Motor Vehicle

9. If you drink to excess:

    Only time and waiting will permit your body to get rid of the alcohol.
      Eating food will permit your body to get rid of the alcohol.
      You are usually OK to drive after drinking.
      Your vision is enhanced.
10. What should you do when a car is approaching with high beams?
    Put you high beams on
    Look to the right of the road
    Put you parking lights on
    Slow down and pull off the roadway until you are able to see

11. Your car must be inspected at either a state inspection station or a state licensed private garage:

    every 6 months
    every 2 years
    every 5,000 miles

12. When a driver is approaching an emergency vehicle, what should he do?

    Stop Immediately
    Slow down and yield to the other vehicle
    Drive over to the extreme right of the street and stop
    Keep going if the vehicle is on the other side of the road

13. Hydroplaning means:

    Road surfaces become slippery during the first minutes of rainfall
    A car will skid when water is deeper than the tire tread
    Brakes fail to hold when cars are driven through deep water
    Tire treads lose contact with a wet road

14. To avoid highway hypnosis when driving on an expressway it is a good practice to:

    A rest your eyes by slowing blinking them time to time
    Avoid looking at any one thing for more than a few seconds
    Look straight ahead or to the side
    Spend as much time looking at your mirrors as you do looking in front of you

15. What is a good rule for adjusting speed in traffic?

    following the posted speed
    over the posted speed
    try to adjust to the flow of traffic
    None of the above

16. Your driver license is a:


17. The first signs of alcohol impairment are usually:

    talkativeness, increased self-confidence, lessened judgment
    unconsciousness, no reflexes, lack of circulation
    loss of balance, wild mood changes, slurred speech
    increased reaction time, impaired memory, some muscular

18.Steady yellow light means:

    Traffic should stop before entering the intersection or crosswalk
    Proceed with care
    Wait for the light to change
    Passing quickly

19. New Jersey law allows up to 3 points to be subtracted from your driving record if you have moving traffic violations;

    For one year from the posted date of the last violation
    For six months
    For eight months
    For three years

20. What three items must you have with you when driving?

    passport; SS card; insurance card
    birth certificate; student ID; SS card
    license or permit; registration; and insurance card
    none of the above

21. If you move to New Jersey, how long do you have to transfer your basic driver license?

    7 days or until you out-of-state driver license expires, whichever is less
    14 days or until you out-of-state driver license expires, whichever is less
    30 days or until you out-of-state driver license expires, whichever is less
    60 days or until you out-of-state driver license expires, whichever is less

22. If you hit a parked car or other vehicle, what you should do:

    run away
    notify the police and try to find the owner
    call Motor Vehicle
    leave a notice

23. The definition of a blind spot is:

    Area directly behind the car
    Area directly in front of the car
    Area on the sides of the car
    Area which cannot be seen in the outside mirror

24. When a school bus is stopped and its red lights are flashing you must?

    Stop and not closer than 25 feet
    Slow Down
    Overtake from left

25. how much time do you have to notify the MVC after an address change:

    14 days
    7 days
    30 days
    10 days

26. Dim your headlights to low beam when

    Entering a curve
    Driving on dark roads
    A car is approaching on a two-lane road
    Parking on an unlit highway

27. What is reason may cause losing your license:

    failure to appear in court or pay fines
    failure to provide proof of insurance
    failure to pay surcharges
    all of the above

28. When a School Bus has stopped directly in front of a School to pick up or let off children, you may pass from either direction at a speed of no more than:

    10 m.p.h.
    15 m.p.h.
    20 m.p.h.
    25 m.p.h.

29. Following too closely (tailgating) may cost you how many points against your driver's license?


30. At a speed of 50 m.p.h. how many car lengths should you stay behind the vehicle in front of you?

    25 car lengths
    15 car lengths
    5 car lengths
    10 car lengths

31. Driving 50 mph at night, what is the stopping distance?

    189 feet
    268 feet
    243 feet
    None of the above

32. How long do you have to notify the MVC after a name change?

    7 days
    10 days
    14 days
    30 days

33. When it is legal to turn right on red, before turning, you must:

    slow down and check traffic
    blow your horn
    make a full stop, check traffic
    check traffic to right

34. While driving on any public road or highway use a hand-held wireless phone will be fined:

    between $100 and $250

35. Only use your high-beam headlights

    when driving in fog
    when vehicles are a quarter-mile in front of you
    when vehicles are one-half mile in front of you
    in inclement weather

36. What examination phases must a student driver have completed before he can practice drive?

    Law knowledge test and vision test
    Physical examination
    Road test
    High school driver education course

37. When meeting an oncoming vehicle at night, you might avoid being momentarily blinded if you

    wear sunglasses
    glance at the right edge of the road 
    flash your headlights
    brake hard

38. The shape of a yield sign is

    circle in square
    eight sided

39. An eight sides sign means:

    Octagonal Intersection Ahead
    School Ahead

40. What is the best way to reduce your chances of having an alcohol related accident?

    driving with a friend
    driving slowly
    Do not drive at all after drinking
    driving like you normally would 

41. The 'two-second rule' can be used at any speed to help you:

    drive within the speed limit
    keep a safe following distance
    time traffic lights at intersections
    bring your car out of skid

42. Before turning, you must signal at least:

    100 yards in advance
    100 feet in advance
    1 block in advance
    500 feet in advance

43. It is illegal to pass if you are closer to an intersection or railroad crossing than

    50 feet
    200 feet
    100 feet
    150 feet

44. What color are the WRONG WAY or DO NOT ENTER signs?

    red and white
    yellow and black
    white and black
    green and yellow

45. Failure to give way to a passing vehicle may cost you how many points against your driver's license?

    3 points
    2 points
    1 point
    None of the above

46. N.J. law requires that you must notify the police of an accident where there is:

    Car or property damage
    All or the above

47. Under the New Jersey Point System, a person having a license over two years, after how many points will get a notice of license suspension:

    6 points
    9 points
    12 points
    15 points

48. Making a misstatement of fact when applying for a driver's license is punishable by:

    $500 and/or 1 year imprisonment
    $500 and/or 2 years imprisonment
    $500 and/or 6 months imprisonment
    $500 and/or 3 years imprisonment

49.You face an emergency that gives you no choice but to swerve. you should:

    turn sharply in the direction of the swerve
    counter steer to stabilize your vehicle
    grip the steering wheel firmly
    identify all possible escape paths

50. When driving in snow, you should use:

    low beam headlights and reduce speed
    low beam headlights and driver at the posted speed
    high beam headlights and reduce speed
    high beam headlights and drive at the posted speed

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